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Waitrose, UK Superstore, Goes A Step Beyond Home Delivery

Waitrose, one of the UK superstores, now makes life easier for the citizens. Now groceries can be delivered even when the buyer is not at home. Customers will now get the option to provide an access code to the delivery person using which he/she can enter the house and store the groceries in the cupboards and refrigerators, respectively. After the delivery person comes out of the home the code deactivates.

The service will start this week on trial basis. About 100 customers in London will get the opportunity to enjoy this service on Friday. The expenses of the access code and smart lock installation will be borne by the Waitrose groceries. The company assured the customers that there will be no damage to their property during this activity as the drivers will wear a camera on their chest when they will be in the house. Customers can ask for the recording on the next day. While grocery deliveries have gained immense popularity at London in recent years, this approach will take time to gain the trust of the buyers. As per the market analysts, consumers will be skeptical at the beginning about the safety and security of their household as they are allowing a stranger in their home.

Waitrose is not the first online store to opt for the smart lock system. Amazon came up with Amazon Key service last year inthe USA. This is a similar kind of service which has become immensely popular among the American citizens. Waitrose was getting tough competition from its competitors and this approach brings some hope for the owners.John Lewis, one of the owners of the store revealed that the profits of the company have slumped by 98% in the first 6 months of this year due to the discounts which were being offered by the competitors.

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