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UK MPs Seek Faster Move On Diesel, Petrol Ban

United Kingdom is now moving one step forward to an environment-friendly business environment. The government has plans to completely ban petrol and diesel fuel driven cars by 2040. But after this report was read in the parliament, the MPs found it to be quite unambitious. As per them, the ban should be made much earlier, as early as 2032. A special committee was formed in the parliament and as per the team members, the government should not have provided more subsidies. They also informed that there are not enough charge points.

The UK government has also declared that it targets to make the country the top when it comes to the use of electric vehicles. But the report which has been published by the Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy committee stated that what the government is saying is not in sync with their actions. Rachel Reeves, who presides the committee, stated that the government is not providing enough incentive to the car makers and the consumers to induce them to invest in electric vehicles. At early months of 2018, Prime Minister has informed that the government will ensure that there is zero gas emission from vehicles by 2040. The government also included vans in this category. This was informed in the Road to Zero Strategy of the UK. But it is still not clear about which type of vehicles have to be introduced to replace the vans already operating on roads.

The committee said that the government has to come up with a concrete plan to achieve the target by 2032. The UK is already at a good place when it comes to use of electric cars. Last year, the country was in the top 10 country list for selling electric vehicles. The nation at present has 14,500 charging points for vehicles.

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