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Trump’s Loses $1bn In 2 Years

The winning of the presidential elections did not bring any personal wealth to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, the president of one of the richest countries of the world, the United States of America, has lost a considerable amount of his wealth in the last 2 years of his American presidency. The net worth of the President’s finances was $4.5 billion and at present, it is $3.1 billion. This report has been published by Forbes. At present, he is 259thrichest in America in the list of Forbes 400, which is a drop by 138 spots. In this annual list, the top ranker is Jeff Bezos, the CEO, and founder of Amazon. His fortune is 52 times more than that of Donald Trump ($160 billion).

Analyzing the loss, Forbes came up with three main reasons which is the popularity of e-commerce which seems to have eaten up much of the value of Trump’s real estate holdings, second being the expenses incurred due to the extensive security arrangements at his resort and thirdly his over-reporting regarding the size of his penthouse. So Forbes ultimately comments though Trump is trying he is not gaining much out of his presidency.

It seems Trump has also been responsible to tarnish the brand of his company’s ties, whiskeys and MAGA hats. However, it is not dark at all corners; his International Hotel at Washington is getting lot of business due to the frequent visits of the government officials from other countries. The worth of his Winter White House, Mar-a-Lago, which is situated at the Palm Beach of Florida,also increased to $160 million from $150 million; it has also doubled its initiation fees to $200,000.

Though the year has not been quiet for the finances of the President, the other billionaires of the nation saw an overall increase of net worth of their assets by 7%.

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