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Political Parties to Send Personalized Text Messages This Election

Now politics become more technology-based…politicians to send personalized text messages this election.


This election, theUnited States will see a new trend; various political parties have decided to send text messages to the voters. This is a really surprising move from the politicians in this social media world. They are not going to promote themselves through viral videos on YouTube and Facebook. The advent of new software which permits volunteers to send thousands of SMS in an hour is also not violating the federal rule, which does not permit bulk texting.

This is expected to be an effective electoral approach for the youth who are more addicted to their phones and for the people living in rural areas, which the candidates are unable to meet in person.

Roddy Lindsay, the founder of Hustle, testing software feels that SMSing is a much more convenient way to reach voters than phone calls. He feels calls can interrupt someone’s work or can disturb a person at his private time while a text message can be read at ease and voters can reply when it is fine for them. His company is promoting or sending texts on behalf of Democratic National Committee. Lindsay was an engineer at Facebook and at present has several non-political clients as well for his texting software.

This approach has already seen some success. Andrew Gillum from the Democratic Party won the election to become the governor for Florida. His party had sent 1.5 million SMS to approximately 750,000 votes as a promotional stunt. Same was done at Alabama, almost every black voter was texted before a special election which was held in December and it led to the victory of Doug Jones of the Democrat Party. While texting for electoral purposes seems to be a good idea, critics worry this might lead to scams.

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