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Pinterest, Tinder Ponder How FB Data Breach Would Impact Its Users

Facebook recently announced that 50 million users have been affected by the data breach. This might be a cause of concern for the other sites which permit users to log in their sites or apps using Facebook credentials.

During this data breach, Facebook has allowed hackers to enter the accounts of 50 million users. When CNN interviewed 12 app owners, who are in SSO contract with Facebook, all of them informed that they have not identified any account with the ones hacked on Facebook. They seemed to be quite unaware about the safety of their users after this breach. Tinder spokesperson informed that Facebook reveals very limited information about their users; it is a very transparent social media platform and would have surely informed Tinder if any of the interlinked accounts have been affected. He also informed that Tinder has done a forensic check and have found no hacked accounts linked with the app. He went ahead and assured its users saying that Tinder will continue monitoring its accounts closely. Pinterest informed that they are still investigating the issue along with Facebook and till now have not found any user affected.

Besides Tinder, Spotify and Airbnb also allow SSO with this popular social media. Facebook on Monday informed that they are strengthening their security system and this kind of cyber-crime will be surely prevented in future.

As per Jason Polakis, a professor at the University of Illinois commented that while SSO is very useful, it is risky as well. Polakis is a specialist in computer science and has done thorough research on Facebook. As per Polakis,this is an immensely popular social media platform and it is very tough to determine the exact number of accounts which have been hacked.

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