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Our Staff

Brian Summy
Lead Editor

Playing with numbers 24x7, Brian clearly is the one who loves to deal with the Business section at FMCG Market Research. More to it is he being an introvert behavior that allows him to get that extra personal space helping him focus on the work and analyze the business and market. The particular interest of Brian is seen in the share market. His free time is full of share marketing numbers and hot topics of share market.


Phone: +1-800-431-9916

Jerald Bailey
Editor & Writer

Jerald is been associated with FMCG Market Research for over5 years and is the best person to reach out to know about the users’ need and work culture. Holding an Information Technology Degree, Jerald is also an enthusiast of Blockchain tech. He also takes care of the FMCG Market Research’s Technology department. Along with all this, he trains few interns adding more essence to his team. Undoubtedly in his spare time, Jerald is seen stuck to his laptop searching for Blockchain and stuff.


Phone: +1-800-551-9137

Lorraine Cabrera
Writer & Author

Being a BiotechnologyMaster, Lorraine owns over 7+ Years of experience. Keeping a viewpoint of “there’s some logical theory for every action on earth”, Lorraine is among the one who are there to help the teammates when in doubt—no matter what field the concern is about. In his/her free time, you will see Lorraine looking at some DNA replica and skeleton for hours in his basement.


Phone: +1-800-616-4918

Fernando Whiten

Fernando is more of the one who writes health-related blogs; he is been enjoying this for over 5 Years and leads the Health department at FMCG Market Research. His interest to always be healthy is seen from his personal life along with his professional life. In the free time, Fernando is seen glued at his massive bookshelf which has nothing but health books.


Phone: +1-800-617-5518