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Netflix Is World’s Most Data Hungry App, Accounting For 15% Data Consumption

Sandvine declares Netflix as one of the most data consuming applications around the globe.

It was a known fact that videos are responsible for the maximum data consumption around the world. Now amongst all of them, Netflix is the most data-hungry app, accountable for almost 15% data consumption of the world. Embedded videos in different websites (13.1%), video streaming channels like YouTube (11.4%) and internet browsing (7.8%) are the sources which consume the maximum amount of data globally.

The report also states that in future, gaming and file sharing will be in the list of maximum data consumption. After video streaming (58%), internet browsing (17%), online gaming (7.8%) and surfing on social media (5.1%) are the primary ways in which data is consumed these days. Evenings are the prime time when the internet is mostly under stress and Netflix accounts for 40% media download in the USA. The encoding technology used by Netflix helps it give a hassle-free video streaming experience to its viewers.

File sharing is on the rise and it accounts for 22% data consumption while uploading videos is on rising to 31% in Europe and the Middle East. This video sharing is generally related to pirated videos which are taking a toll in the entertainment industry. As per Mr. Cullen, people are not interested in multiple subscriptions and are also not ready to wait till the next day to see the episodes so they resort to piracy. Also, gaming is no more a hobby with the introduction of professional gaming leagues. The report also provides some interesting facts about region-wise data consumption. In Asia-Pacific, the embedded HTTP videos led the race, while in Europe YouTube was the winner; however, in America, the most popular video channel was Amazon Prime. This complete report is based on 150 service providers and 2.1 billion subscribers.

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