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Massive Recall Of Toyota Prius And Auris Owing To Tech Snag

Toyota has recently announced a recall of around 2.4 million hybrid cars worldwide due to a technical fault in their system which could make them lose power. The Japanese car giant has recalled two models Prius and Auris of which around 1.2 million in Japan have been recalled while 830,000 in North America and 290,000 in Europe. These vehicles were all produced between October 2008 and November 2014, and Toyota declared that no accidents were caused due to the technical snag. Toyota had earlier recalled its vehicles for technical issues during 2014 and 2015.

During its public statement announcing the problem, Toyota stated that only in very rare situations the existing fault would cause the vehicle to stall if the driver would enter “failsafe” driving mode. Even if power steering and brakes remain operative, vehicular stall while driving at high speeds would lead to crash so the fault had to be removed immediately. This new problem had not been identified during previous recall else the issues would have been sorted out then itself. Toyota’s UK spokesperson has stated that all 55,000 owners of the vehicles in the UK would be notified individually about the error.

According to a company directive, the technical fault can be rectified by means of a software upgrade that would not take more than 40 minutes at Toyota’s authorized service centers. One earlier incident of vehicular recall by Toyota was due to faulty airbags that had been supplied by vehicular parts firm Takata while a recent recall in September, of more than 1 million hybrid models, was due to the technical snag that could lead to fire. During 2015, Toyota had to recall 6.5 million vehicles across the globe for repairing a faulty window switch which could lead to a short circuit. This latest announcement of technical fault had no effect on the company’s share price that went down only by a small margin.

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