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CarePort Joins Hands With Change Healthcare To Enhance Clinical Decision Making

Change Healthcare recently announced partnering with leading discharge planning and utilization review leader CarePort Health. With this, CarePort will integrate products of Change Healthcare, namely, InterQual Connect and InterQual AutoReview, into Care Management application as well as its users’ workflow.

As such, customers of CarePort will get automated medical reviews delivered into the Care Management Workflow system. This will reduce the administrative work of the company, thus leaving them with more time to focus on patient care.

The fully integrated system, which automatically reviews clinical data from the electronic health records and sends it to InterQual Connect’s medical review service, is integrated with the CarePort Care Management system. This, on one hand relieves the clinicians from the manual work of medical reviews, while at the same time, ensures that the CarePort Care Management users receive accurate, automated and evidence-based medical reviews and appropriate medical care at the same time.

Another advantage that the CarePort Care Management users get is they get access to the latest clinical criteria the moment it is sent to the cloud. Also, they get access to the custom policies of the connected payers.

Health systems and tech vendors have stepped forward to provide clinicians with advanced tools that help in decision making while relieving them of administrative work. Some of the examples include Tampa General Hospital in Florida, where it has used analytics to employ finest clinical practices, reducing the administrative burden on the clinicians with the analytics software. Another example is Penn Medicine refined the tuning of HER with Penn Medicine Nudge unit.

The CEO and founder of CarePort, Lissy Hu, stated that the new integration has enabled improvement in the quality of patient care for CarePort customers and reduced burden on the clinicians.

This trend is going to continue in the future for offering better healthcare to the patients.

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