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Apple, Amazon Deny Their Data Compromised By Chinese Spy


Bloomberg Businessweek had recently reported about an alleged cyber-attack on Amazon and Apple. Both the tech firms have strongly denied the news of any data breach. NCSC of UK has said that there is no reason to suspect Amazon and Apple’s statements as false. Bloomberg has not responded to a request for comment on the matter although their earlier comment says that they are confident about the truth behind their reports.

Last week, Bloomberg said that American firm Super Micro Computer had manufactured servers in which chips had been inserted by Chinese spies. The data breach would occur once the machines were plugged in, activating the chips. Their story also reported that AWS and Apple were among 30 other government agencies and departments who were attacked. Chinese firms like ZTE and Lenovo were affected after the publication of the report as number of shares decreased. Bloomberg said that their investigation had taken one year and their unnamed sources included insiders from both Apple and Amazon. Other than the tech firms, even Super Micro denied the statements.

Apple retorted back saying that they had conducted numerous internal investigations to see if there was any truth to Bloomberg’s reports. But no ‘malicious chips’ or ‘hardware manipulations’ were found. The tech giant further added that they were not under any obligation or ‘gag order’ that would prevent them from sharing any information with the public. Amazon Web Series also published on a blog saying that the report by Bloomberg could not possibly be true as no evidence of any suspicious activity had been found.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) of UK stated that although they were very much aware of the report on the apparent Chinese spy-attack on two huge tech firms, they could not doubt the detailed assessments by the two companies without evidence to support Bloomberg’s claims. The center urged people with any sort of information about the attack to contact them.

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